Marconfort and Preverisk Partner to develop the new safety  and hygiene measures in the context of Covid 19

Marconfort and Preverisk Partner to develop the new safety and hygiene measures in the context of Covid 19

Tuesday June 2nd, 2020 2 By Marconfort Hotels

Marconfort Hotels, a hotel group consisting of 3 hotels, half-board or bed & breakfast, offeringuniquevacationstays witha presence inSpain and the Preverisk Group, agloballeader in audit, consulting and training solutions for The tourism industry, with operations in 22 countries and 65 destinations, and specialized in Health and Safety in tourism, sign a collaboration agreement in an innovative initiative.

With the common objective of generating maximum market confidence in the reopening of establishments, once the pandemic is overcome, the highest levels of prevention will be offered with measures in the field of health and safety of travelers, guests, suppliers and all the people who are part of our teams in each of the establishments.

The collaboration called Preverisk Post Covid-19 Hospitality Sector Alliance is a network of value-added contacts through the integration of experts, hotel companies, travel agencies, public institutions and other key actors.

In order to protect the health and safety of all the people who visit us, collaborators and teams promote effective measures aimed at recovering the trust of the markets, Marconfort Hotels and this alliance, develops actions in the environment of two main concepts: general health and safety recommendations for the reopening of hotels and Covid19 preventive measures for both clients and staff.

The alliance will be developed collaboratively by key members of both companies and will be backed by an interdisciplinary panel of experts in Health and Safety. The common result of new additional measures will allow hotels to readapt, among others, the cleaning and disinfection processes of their facilities and to increase control, hygiene and prevention initiatives for personnel, as well as to reinforce all procedures that have a potential point of contact with internal and external clients. These new processes will also take into account the specific recommendations of national and local health authorities, as well as international recommendations.

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