Christmas spirit in Marconfort Hotels

Christmas has come, and as every year, we work hard to offer the best service and Christmas spirit in Marconfort Hotels.
If you’re spending the festivities with, you’ll have a unforgettable holidays as our destinations are a splendid choice even during December.

Christmas Holidays in Marconfort Hotels

Christmas Holidays in Marconfort Hotels

Christmas holidays in Torremolinos

Costa del Sol (Sunny Coast) has this name for a reason, the sun keeps shinning also during its warm winter. The great location of Torremolinos makes it perfect to visit some emblematic places of the coast and interior lands of Malaga province. In our Marconfort Beach Club Hotel you’ll enjoy the best all inclusive by the sea.

Marconfort Beach Club Hotel Christmas buffet

Marconfort Beach Club Hotel Christmas buffet

Discover Benidorm in Christmas

Benidorm, the city with more skyscrapers in Spain has a wonderful soft weather during winter, with an average temperature of 12,7ºc during the last month of the year. The number of activities, the city atmosphere and the nice weather make the city an ideal destination for this holidays. Our Marconfort Benidorm Suites is a perfect choice for families, as its musical theme won’t let you get bored. On the other hand, if you’re looking for quiet escapade, Marconfort Essence will suit with your needs of a relaxing days for this time of the year.

Marconfort Benidorm Suites main entrance

Marconfort Benidorm Suites main entrance

Travel to Lanzarote this Christmas

Can you imagine spending these festivities sunbathing besides the pool? Our hotel in Canary Islands gives you the opportunity. Thanks to the splendid weather of Lanzarote, you can run away from cold north and celebrate Christmas and New Year’s eve wearing sunglasses and t-shirt. Choose our adults only resort, Marconfort Atlantic Gardens, in Playa Blanca to have a sunny holidays also in December. Get tanned for the new year!

Furthermore, our hotels in Benidorm and Lanzarote are bikefriendly. So, if you’re a bike lover, you’ll find everything you need to spend your Christmas holidays on wheels.

What to eat in Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

Spending the festivities with us also means that you’ll enjoy the most exquisite dishes in our Christmas and New Year’s Eve feasts. You can check the menus in the links:

Marconfort Benidorm Suites, (Christmas menu/ New Year’s Eve menu)

Marconfort Essence, (Christmas menu/ New Year’s Eve menu)

Marconfort Atlantic Gardens, (Christmas Eve menu, Christmas Day menu/ New Year’s Eve menu)

Marconfort Beach Club Hotel, (Christmas menu/ New Year’s Eve menu)

First level plates to put the finishing touch to your Christmas. If you still have no plans for these festivities, book with us and have the holidays that you deserve!

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