Christmas Recipe: Tournedo Steak

This Christmas we have a special treat for you, one of the chefs recipes from our hotels in Torremolinos and Benidorm prepared for these festive times. The Christmas Recipe “Solomillo of Beef Tournedo on a bed of Mushroom sauce, accompanied by rounded vegatables and Chefs stuffed Potato” is very easy to prepare, just follow these steps:

1. Prepare the meat, mark the Solomillo with a knife and wrap in Bacon strips, skewer and proceed to brown in a frying pan. Keep the juice for the sauce.

2. Mushroom sauce, chop an onion and poach in the frying pan, add the mushrooms and a little brandy and flambe, add a pinch of tyme and the juice saved from the meat.

3. Last step, the stuffed potato, wrap the potato in tin foil and bake approx. 45 minutes. once cooked empty the centre of the potato into a frying pan add chopped onion and diced bacon and a pinch of nutmeg, blend all together with chicken stock. Allow to stand a few minutes and then fill the potatoes with the mixture.

We suggest the presentation as shown in the photo

Best wishes from our Chef!! Óscar Pérez, Marconfort Beach Club Hotel, Torremolinos

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