New Technologies entertain Marconfort Griego Hotel

New Technologies entertain Marconfort Griego Hotel (Torremolinos). We know that modern times have come, each day there are more innovative games, that customers who travel to our hotels also hope to find new activities each year, especially younger people, which are already used to them.

Jugando con la videoconsola en Marconfort Griego Hotel

That’s why this year we decided to incorporate into our daytime activities, the Nintendo Wii console, offering numerous games and activities for all ages as well as being a good choice in hotels that have little space or facilities due its dimensions, for example tennis or bowling games without need for much space.

This activity coupled with the most famous games such as rifle shooting, darts, billiards, table tennis and many others that offer animation programs, makes the customer who visits us has a day of fun, varied and enjoyable.

That night, we must not forget that the Marconfort Griego Hotel offer a good variety of choices for the client, theme nights, contests, dances, professional shows, always varied activities, which by good smile and make excellent treatment our clients always go with a high degree of satisfaction. Our only goal is that customers enjoy and keep a great memory of our hotels.I hope soon!

Text and pictures: Jessica Salinas y Sergio Velasco, entertainment team, Marconfort Griego Hotel.

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