The adventure of being a fisherman for just a day


At some point, all of us have dreamed of being sailors, crossing the seas, and just as Popeye the sailor, defeat the adversity and get to a safe port. Who says that dreams cannot come true? Nowadays thanks to Saling Tourism or Fishing Tourism, we are able to enjoy the adventure of being a fisherman for just a day spending a working day with fishermen in Costa del Sol.

The adventure begins when one gets on board, watching the fishermen closely is fascinating. The way they gather and pick up the nets, seeing them organizing and unloading the fish in the fish market. Closing the day with an excellent sea product tasting, valuing the opportunity of having learnt everything that fishing implies.

Getting immersed in endless sensations: the sun on your skin, the breeze playing with your hair, the smell of the sea, the smell of the fresh fish, the vastness of the sea and its unceasing swaying as well. It is a different way of enjoying our sun and beach holidays, and making them unforgettable, bringing ourselves closer to this ancient job and its main figures.

Either at the sea or the land, we can experience fishing and its additional activities such as those which are done at the fish market performing a main role. We can also take part in workshops, cooking lessons and children activities which are offered there. Furthermore, we might enjoy Sailing Tourism all over the year through its workshops, which bring us close to the sea work and local customs.

This way of tourism reinforces the fishermen economy and is a way of spreading what their job is about.

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