Health tips for Winter break

Fran Moya, Head of the Emergency Department of International Hospital in Xanit has offered an exclusive interview for Marconfort Hotels & Apartments about Health tips for Winter break:

Question: Doctor, ¿how should we face the winter?

Answer: Winter is coming, and we are in the middle of autumn, rainy season, and cold weather… I especially recommend that everyone consider being vaccinated for the flu, which helps prevent unwanted health complications.

Q: What we must keep in mind to protect us from the cold?

A: Of course, when cold weather is coming, we should avoid sudden temperature changes. When you are outdoor, wear the right clothes and use appropriate clothing if you walk or do some sports.

QWhat should we pack for travel?

A: When packing for travel people who have a chronic disease should always include their medication. It is also advisable to carry a small kit with the typical over the counter medications you may need such as paracetamol, ibuprofen …

Q: Anything else we should consider?

A: Enjoy the holidays as much as possible, follow these tips we’ve given and, above all, avoid excesses. Continue your usual medications if you have any chronic underlying pathology and not hesitate to seek health care if needed. Check out the recorded interview (remember to turn the subtitles on):

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