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What we celebrate today? 


Haven’t you heard it yet? The TV ads, social media, posters… Everybody has been telling you for months that today is the day in which you have to demonstrate your love to your partner. Some people think that this celebration was invented by a department store (sounds logic). We do not rule out anything, but the best thing will be to search a little bit into the history of this special day.

Let’s start by increasing the meaning of this day. You don’t have to be “crazy in love” to celebrate it, in many countries February 14th is also commemorated as the day of love and friendship, so you can give your friends, family or even your pet a little present, love is everywhere!

Why February 14th? It is the Saint’s Day of Saint Valentine. Right, but who was this man? He was a priest during the Roman period, who opposed a law that banned young people to get married (in order to have more young men in the army). Valentine was imprisoned and executed, and that is why he is considered “the saint of  love.”

Cupid, however, comes from the Roman mythology, he is the god of love, and he is, according to a popular believing, a funny winged angel, in charge of throwing these “blissful” arrows.

After that, if you haven’t still bought a gift, you have no excuses to postpone it!

I propose you a plan: choose a date when you can travel: your next vacation, a weekend, bank holidays… Do you already have it? Now, think about a destination, somewhere romantic, but also funny and familiar, how about the beach? I’ll give you four lovely options: Torremolinos, Lanzarote, Ibiza and Benidorm. Have you already chosen one? Ok, then, you should think about that person you would like to bring: your other half, your mother, your children, your friends. Do you have it? Then just go to www.marconfort.com and book your dream trip.

Do you want to prepare something special for today? Then do not miss our step by step recipe of the “Cake of love”

Postre del amor paso 10

Now you’ve got it, you have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Happy February 14th.

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