Tricks to pack up the suitcase

Thanks to the Marconfort Hotels and Apartments contest “Pack up!” we’re collecting many tricks to pack up the suitcase easily and practice without exceeding the weight limit!! There are some fundamental assumptions, like:

  • Roll up the clothes
  • Put the socks and small pieces inside the shoes
  • Check-out the weather forecast and bring only the most important things.
  • Wear only neutral color and comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • If you’re traveling in group or family, share some elements and distribute the weight between the empietst suitcases.

Beside these tricks, we can add some funny comments shared by our  Facebook friends, for example, many girls sayd that the best idea is to put all the things that doesn’t fit into your suitcase in your partner’s suitcase. Also, some people prefer wearing just a couple of swimsuits, jeans and the credi card. The  contest finishes in a few hours, you’re still on time to take part on it and win a free holiday wiht us, good luck!! The contest has already finished, thank you for!! CHEK OUT THE NAME OF THE WINNERS HERE.

During the promotion we’ve been investigating about the best tricks to pack up and we’ve found some interesting videos on Youtuve like these two:

How To Pack Everything For Your Vacation Into a Carry-on

How to Pack Like a Pro

Also, if you’re traveling by plane, this pictures could help you with your suitcases measures:


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