What is and how to use Pinterest?




Have you heard about Pinterest? It’s the ultimate social network and looks like it will still increase in 2014. It has more than 70 million users and up to a thousand million images uploaded, but, what is Pinterest and how to use it

Most definitions agree that Pinterest is a social network based on image, which allows you to share photos, inphographics, pictures, videos or any other visual file, and distribute them in thematic boards. For example, we can have a board called “world” in which we have images, or “pins” about stunning locations, and other one called “recipes”, full of succulent food photos or video recipes. But the main thing is not being able to upload your pictures or videos but to borrow them from any web site or from another boards users. It’s a sharing experience, an entire community.

Like any other social network, you should follow a “netiquette”. We recommend using only good quality images, take care about the style and design of your boards. Don’t forget to mention always your sources, don’t worry, Pinterest already does by default if you take a picture from Internet or other user, so, please, do not steal them authorship! Also, you can use #hashtags, they are very useful for finding images on topics of your interest.

Don’t you have your own user yet? It’s simple, go to www.pinterest.com and create it, Pinterest will guide you step by step to organize your boards. Once you have it, you can start learning how to use some more advanced features, such as community boards (multiple people can add pins on the same board) or private boards (only you and whoever you want can see them). You can also instal a ‘ pin it ‘ button on your browser to make it easier to add images to your boards while surfing the Internet.

If you already have an account, you are invited to connect with us on www.pinterest.com/marconfort.

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