Bucks Fizz in concert in Benidorm

At Marconfort Hotels we’re pleased to host the band Bucks Fizz in concert in Benidorm next November. Our music themed establishment brings back the great gigs after the performance of the Spanish band Tennessee in 2015. We’re working to make you enjoy the best 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music. Stay tuned for new confirmations!

Bucks Fizz in Benidorm

Bucks Fizz in Benidorm

Bucks Fizz reached fame in the early 80’s when they became winners of Eurovision Song Contest in 1981. The band was named as the favourite cocktail of the founder, Nichola Martin, and it’s a mix of champagne and orange juice. The main characteristic is that the four members of the group were blondes?.

The band was created specifically to participate in Eurovision with a song by Martin: Making your mind up. After a period of auditions and the contest preliminaries the group was finally formed by Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston. The quartet performed in the festival that took place in Dublin. For this edition, UK was one of the favourite to win and they finally did, after the votes round.

After Eurovision, the Bucks Fizz didn’t want to become a one-hit wonder, so they varied a bit their style from the rock’n’roll of Making your mind up to a highly produced electronic pop. After some successful singles, the band published their first album in July of 1981. They continued with their career with some member changes through the years until nowadays, although the publish their entire discography in the 80’s decade.

If you’re wishing to come and see them alive, we offer you the best opportunity: stay + concert in Marconfort Benidorm Suites. Book your holidays for next November 4th!

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  1. What is the date of this concert please? And the ticket price?

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